Trendy Jackets to try this Winter

Trendy Jackets to try this Winter

The cold winds of winter can be ruthless. They are also a call for the warm clothes in your wardrobe to be bought out in order to cover and protect your body. However, just because you need to protect yourself from the weather, does not mean you have to compromise on style. In fact, this is the perfect season to blend both eye pleasing aesthetics with protective pragmatism.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the most purchased and donned trendy jackets that are worn all across the globe during winters. Based on your preference and body type, you can opt for any of the below options to complete your winter look with impeccable panache.

So without much further ado, let’s get started.

Trendy Jackets to Wear in Winter

1 – Quilted Jacket

Quilted jackets are perfect for a casual outing, especially amidst a windy weather outdoors. These make for perfect fashion apparels for commute, hiking, or other casual outings. The jacket blends perfectly with trousers, denims, boots and suits. As such, these are a perfect option for both warmth and looks.

2 –Hooded Jacket

Hooded jackets were designed for winter seasons. The overarching hood that completely covers your head, eliminates the need to have a scarf or cap on. They are fluffy in look, comfortable around your body and provide sufficient warmth to survive cold weather. These jackets go well with boots, cardigans, long sweaters, chinos and pants.

3 – Leather Jacket

Does anything come even remotely close to making you look like a stud than a leather jacket. These jackets are a favorite of men worldwide and go perfectly well with boots and bikes. Leather jackets are perfect for bike rides, travel, club nights, and parties. 

4 – Sweat Jacket

These make for excellent sweat absorbers. Men usually don these jackets when they are undertaking an intense physical training session, or trekking. These are best worn as an additional layer and are strictly casual. They go well with trousers, sweatpants, denims and track pants.

5 – Denim Jacket

You should have seen this coming on the list. Denim is the most common type of jacket worn by men across the globe. They are a favorite of college goers, bikers as well as party enthusiasts. They blend well with almost anything and can be donned for polar opposite occasions without hassle. They look uncompromisingly great with chinos, jeans and khakis.

6 – Printed Jackets

These are for those who are tired of looking at the same old design and colors. Printed jackets turn the style quotient up a notch as they are available in a plethora of different colors, and prints. They give you a cool look while keeping you warm. They go well with pastel and cargo pants.

7 –Windcheater

The name should do enough talking about the outfit’s apparent benefit. It was meant for cold winters. They can be extremely stylish while being a perfect shield against snow and drizzle. They are best for a casual outing, gym or workout session. They go well with canvas shoes, track pants, and trousers.

8 – Blazer

The perfect blend of both style and class, Blazers are a great option for both professional and party outings. They can go with just about anything and come in all sorts of top quality fabrics. They look especially great with formal pants, khakis, and pastel pants.

9 – Trench Coat

Trench coats have come a long way since being prominently featured as the only outfit option for neo-noir detectives. They make for great shield against rain and snow. They are usually water proof and simply classy to look at. They go well with denims, turtlenecks, suits and overcoats.

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